Who Are The Bright Minds?



“Our Flemish economic reality is supported by the sweat and the efforts of thousands of smalI and middle sized companies, which contribute to our social welfare. However lately I notice an upcoming trend of ‘leader’ burn outs. 

A lot of these leaders are still thinking small, with a result a low degree of company profit and personal free time. Their entrepreneurial life is chaotically lead without focus. They still think that working a lot of hours is their solution. They are ‘blind’ and prisoners in their own created kingdom.

At this moment, I embrace the achievements of the 100 Titans from Flanders, but I am still missing the most important one…Yes that very transforming business dream  that you are keeping silent and hidden, until today.

I call you all the new leaders, the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, the bright minds of our future. I wish to come in contact with you, part of the new generation of Flemish Titans.

More than ever, your young enthusiasm has to be melded with the judgement of experience.

One day, all your stories will leave an indelible mark on Flemish soil. 

Are you sure that you want to become a new page in Flanders’ upcoming 125 pages book ?”