Who am I


hervé titans from flanders

“Hi, my name is Hervé Missiaen, business owner, visionary artist, author, facilitator and world traveller.

I value the individual wisdom of 100 prominent Flemish role models (=Titans)  which I approached, interviewed and even painted on linen canvas. I wish I could live their insights and thoughts. Their ideas surely form the foundations of that human being I wish to become.

I enjoy the sound economic background with regard to my education. Over the years, I stood at the head of four companies and served my customers all over the world in 8 languages. I am following the political and economic situation closely. For the moment I am travelling the world, looking to capture the urgent needs in favor of a modern and ’21st century proof’ society. I meet influencers and different cultures and I embrace freedom. I cannot close my eyes any longer for the desastrous way  we all are leaving our blue planet behind to our children.

Decades ago, Flanders’ region was worldwide famous in Entrepreneurship and Vision far beyond its own borders. Flanders Technology and the fighting spirit of its people attracted huge international investments on a weekly basis. Now I notice that Flanders seems to loosing them on a regular basis.

Do I have to regret that our Flemish people and its leaders became too humble and too afraid of the environment, too afraid of retirement, afraid of taxes, afraid of the left, afraid of the right, afraid of Europe, afraid of the Walloon, afraid of terror, afraid of privacy, afraid of losing his/her job, afraid of digital, afraid of the Chinese, afraid of the banks, afraid of the rich, afraid of justice, afraid of the official, afraid of politics.  Afraid of everything and everyone…?

Now more than ever, Flanders needs a new Vision in order to stop this downturning vicious circle. Re-claiming its lost position will be the result.


” Are you curious to know how the combined strenght and efforts of 100 Flemish Titans might help sculpturing an exportable and positive Flemish model society ?”


I invite you all to embark upon a trip into the Land of the Blind where you will meet one huge cyclops divulging a Flemish story of renewed faith that everybody is looking for.

Enjoy your journey and fasten your seat belts.”