Flanders as a Model State

The language of the Titans and Icons as a trigger to ‘Model State 2025’.














Just imagine by now that Flanders could transform itself into a “Model State”, in which all different important departments are an example of the best of all worlds…

Suppose we are in 2025. Think about the feeling where the whole world knows that the best education can be found in Flanders. Imagine for once that the best way of coping with the huge tonnes of waste  could by then be found in Flanders. Perhaps, by then, we could dream of the renewed status of our business schools worldwide. Maybe we could be famous for our excellent way of guiding new start ups, by then. Perhaps we might apply new humanistic approaches in our political system, or we might be famous in stimulating Left and Right Brain Education centres. Who knows ?


One thing is sure: If we follow the language of Titans today, and shoot for the moon, we surely will hit some sparkling stars


* Youth Development Programms in schools

* Left and Right Brain Education,

* Waste Management Action Plans

* Sustainability

* Lean and Mean Guidance of new startups

* humanistic approach of politics…