My Vision

History learns that President Kennedy borrowed a very fragmented and desintegrated and fearful USA society in the late fifties. We all remember his genious idea of “landing on the moon” as a trigger, call it an andaggio to killing ‘fear’ and to re-installing faith by doing and by acting. And do you know what ?  Even the dishwasher, the cleaning lady, the window cleaner were as important as the astronauts themselves. They were collaborating together, and they lost all senses of ‘fear’. Everybody had a clear mission, the spaceship had to land on the moon. Period.

The key in finding a similar new andaggio for Flanders can only be found in its Youth.

It is right, we all have to admit that youth only represents 20% of its entire population and in the long run 100% of its future.


“Reshaping ‘youth’ and the youngsters to those ‘individuals’ who are feeling respected, loved and appreciated as a new andaggio for Flanders”


Now more than ever, Flanders needs to attract, create, educate, motivate and nurture a pool of humanist leaders with one vision and one long-term commitment towards this new andaggio.

In their youth empowering decision process, these new leaders will hear the ideas of politicians, entrepreneurs, artists,  sportsmen, academic people, philosophers. Colourful masterminding will be the result.

Can you see the impact this idea could have on Flanders, its people, Belgium, Europe, the world ?