My Mission

The planned result of Kennedy’s Vision was that the ‘USA spaceship’ landed on the moon. Period.

Reshaping and empowering our Flemish youth to ‘respected individuals’ will result in a huge pool of motivated white and blue collar workers as a basis for repositioning.


“By  constantly melding ‘newly created’ dynamic enthusiasm of motivated youngsters then with the judgement of experience, then I feel that a lot of economic, cultural, and spiritual endeavors will reposition Flanders on the world map again”


Reshaping ‘youth’ means as well that all political decisions have to be made in function of empowering the youth. If the planned decision does not empower the youth at all, then the decision cannot be taken, which leaves room for another proposal to be considered.


Enjoy all events where Flanders facilitates cross-polination between motivated youngsters at the one hand and seasoned experience at the other.

(keynotes, seminars, mentoring…)


(eerste invuldocument om mensen aan te trekken naar onzer events)