Will the 100 Titans from Flanders help others re-conquering our world ?

The first step of this project comprises a photo session of each Titan with a typical attribute, through which medium four conceptual art photographers – Maarten Devoldere, Joost Demuynck, Karel Waignein, Bart Colson  and Louise Oosterlynck– capture their interpretation of each personality in a chiaroscuro photograph.
Hervé Missiaen then translates the inspiration derived by these photographs into a series of lifelike portraits, in which the artist uses very old tubes of paint. These originate from the authentic workshops of Léon De Smet, an expressionist icon of the Second Latem School. The Flemish Titans of today meet the Flemish Titans from the past into a unique homage.

The eternal battle between light and darkness
Each portrait has a dark and a bright side, thus describing the duality that everyone carries within them: the dark, unresolved weight of grief and misfortune; balanced against the intellectual victory over negativity.