Cyclops awakens displeased

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I am awakening very displeased

“It cannot have escaped your notice. I am gazing your Flemish E17 motorway since 2012 as a guard.

After years of peace, I am awakening every morning with a sour feeling.

What happens to the fighting spirit of past eras? What causes commitment and dedication to be replaced by impotence, lack of respect for your own beauty of nature and your people. What causes indifference and fear?

We all know that ‘fear’ is a negative energy, it has no direction. But Flanders needs ‘direction’ if it wants to take the lead again in Europe, in the world.

I tell you that the good democratic system is slowly running empty and the taps of demotivation and knowledge poverty are fully open. 

Politicians, socially engaged corporate leaders, citizens … Nobody can yet pinpoint from where or from when, still today, the grip of the financial crisis remains firm.

Flemish youth is nowadays not the core of political discussions or preoccupations. They are being denied by everybody. It is five to twelve to change this. The core of Flanders education system dates from the years 1800. It only produces silent workers and not leaders. 

I advice governments to start implementing new programms in all schools. Equilibrated left and right brain education is needed. 

I firstly refer to left brain education, like financial education and future career education, personal growth and programms regarding ‘health’. 

Secondly, our young people need to be right brain trained in matters like relationships, relaxation, social contribution, environment and creativity.

The result we be  explosive within 3 or 4 years, and will produce motivated white and blue collar colleagues.

In order to trigger this movement, I decided to go in search of the most important Flemish personalities who will not shirk from the challenges of today and tomorrow. With courage, with knowledge and engagement. 

Implementing new programms in education, waste management, sustainable energy, … will need the active input from all different experts. I will select at least 6 experts per category, like artists, sportsmen, politicians, bankers, teachers, mentors, musicians, writers, actors, and businessmen to finding the mustard in the best possible places on this planet.