Cyclops awakens displeased

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is La-Maison-du-Géant-1024x680.jpg

Cyclops states:

“I am awakening very displeased"

“It cannot have escaped your notice. Since September 2012, I am gazing your Flemish E17 motorway.

I see that almost everybody is running his/ her own same rat race. Every day, the people look more worried and insecure.

I cannot hide it anymore. I am now awakening every morning with a sour feeling.




“What happened to the Flemish fighting spirit of past eras ?

What caused commitment and dedication to be replaced by impotence, lack of respect for your own beauty of nature and your people. What caused indifference and fear?

We all know that ‘fear’ is a negative energy, it has no direction. But Flanders needs ‘direction’ if it wants to take the lead again in Europe, in the world.

I tell you that the good democratic system of the past is slowly running empty and the taps of demotivation and knowledge poverty are fully open. 

Politicians, socially engaged corporate leaders, citizens … Nobody can yet pinpoint from where or from when, still today, the grip of the financial crisis remains firm".