Cyclops aims to transform fear into confidence through his Titans




Some inspiring insights from Titans:


“Titans’ first advice to the Flemish government is to start uplifting their school teachers to a new updated role: pulling out what is inside their students and ‘reshaping’ them towards respected individuals”


History learns that invaders firstly killed the teachers and burned all books. Yes, invaders stopped the existing education and changed it into theirs.

It is right to state that our youth is about 20% of the population, but 100% of our future ! 

The core of the major part of all education systems however still dates from the years 1800. In these times ‘education’ produced silent workers and not leaders. Prince Ea states it as follows:


WOW!!! He just delivered a DEEP message to the school system!

Geplaatst door Young Verse op Maandag 26 september 2016


Are you curious then to know today why ‘Flanders’ is not known anymore in the world?


“Titans’ second advice to governments is to start creating new study programs in all schools”

Titans refer to left brain education, like ‘financial’ and future ‘career’ education, education regarding ‘personal growth’, education regarding sustainable ‘health’.

Our people need to be right brain trained in matters like relationships, relaxation, social contribution, environmental matters, creativity, empathy trainings like in Scandinavia, culture, and burn-out avoidance.


In order to trigger transformation, the input of the 100 most important Flemish personalities has been heard. They have proven in the past not to shirk away from any challenges of today and tomorrow. We all need their courage now, their knowledge and their engagement for helping to implement new programs in education first. Their vision regarding ‘waste’ and ‘rubbish’ and their way of creating sustainable energy are topics which, today are more actual than ever. 


“Titans’ third advice to the Flemish government is to start copying and improving remarkable successful solutions on hot topics. This government has to have the guts to sue insane colleague behaviour to international courts.


If the best country in waste management is Sweden, why don’t we copy their system and why don’t we improve it for our benefit?  Outside Sweden, one million plastic bottles are still produced per minute. 91% of these amounts are NOT recycled.  Every year more than 8 million tonnes of waste plastics are just thrown in the oceans by humankind. The same year, the same humankind re-collects about 1000 tonnes by means of sophisticated equipment.  


This is how solid waste management is done in Tamil Nadu State, Cuddalore district, Thittakudi village, Vellar river.No words to explain this Idiocracy. Greenpeace International, Tamil The Hindu, Hindustan Times, The Times of India, News18 Tamil Nadu, PuthiyaThalaimurai TV

Geplaatst door Eco Society India op Woensdag 4 december 2019


If the best education is to be found in Finland, why don’t we send a group of experts to analyse it and improve it towards a new Flemish masterpiece? We do have the best experts, why are we waiting to benefit from their advice ?     

Huge amounts of sleeping and cheap money are ready on the side line, enabling to fuel a wide range of social and research projects and new business clusters and, in doing so, successfully bringing together the experience of many years of entrepreneurship and the ambition and talent of young startups. Expertise from the Titans combined with accelerated learning Expertise from international Mentors and coaches.


” The start is Flanders, the goal is Europe” 


Cyclops wishes his Titans to copy existing successful endeavors from other countries, localizing and improving them in order to let them match our Flemish way of life. And who knows, later on, this modified and finetuned expertise can be exported to countries in need for that kind of excellence.

Cyclops wishes to spur society to take action once again by offering encouragement and restoring faith in our own abilities. The key is to copy the best of all worlds and paste it into your Flemish fabric.

The ultimate goal is to engender a universal change in our lifestyle and initiate a more meaningful perception of consumption and value.

The start is Flanders, the goal is Europe”.