I am Polyphemus

Cyclops speaks…

“I am Polyphemus, the last remaining Cyclops of Greek Mythology. I was living my boring life between my sheep in my cave near Makris- East Macedonia (GR), until I got that strange request from that Flemish artist who wanted to help creating a new “Model State” in the Land of the Blind with 100 important personalities. …I was excited and I accepted.

The long journey was not easy, they put me on my back of a lorry bed. I remember the problems at the border with Bulgaria. I was too wide to pass the border control. It took several hours to create a new customs code as well. I was seemingly the first cyclops to be imported ! The trip on my back took several days. I was very curious about where I should end up. I felt exhausted.

Late at night, I got positionned in the Middle of the Land of The Blind, on a noisy place somewhere in a bustling Belgian town that tends to be called Waregem (BE). Aside Europe’s major motorway, between Ghent and Kortrijk. More than 200.000 vehicles are daily passing by. I still feel daily at least 400.000 eyes looking at me.

In the beginning, I was wearing a short to cover my nether regions, but some days later it got stolen. Since that moment, I regularly get another outfit. The local youth adores me and my presence. Some are calling me the dickman or the bare giant.

My day can’t go wrong if I can daily change at least one sour face into one gorgeous smile”.