I am Polyphemus, the artist’s one eyed Mascotte


“Hi there, I am Polyphemus, the last remaining one-eyed Cyclops from Greek Mythology.

Before the end of 2012, I was living my boring life between my sheep in my cave near Makris- East Macedonia (Greece), until I got that strange request from Hervé Missiaen who wanted my help in order to put his region ‘Flanders’ on the world map again.

He convinced me becoming a mascotte by using a quote from Erasmus. <In The Land of The Blind, you -the one-eyed cyclops- will be King>

Because of this rude dream and the support he gets from 100 important personalities, I finally accepted to help.

” I was too wide to pass the border control” 


The long journey, somewhere in September 2012, was not easy. They put me on my back of a lorry bed. I remember the problems at the border with Bulgaria. I was too wide to pass the border control. It took several hours to create a new customs code as well. I was seemingly the first cyclops to be imported ! The trip on my back took several days. I was very curious about where I should end up with. I felt exhausted.

Late at night, I got positioned on a noisy place somewhere in The Land of The Blind, in a bustling Flemish town that tends to be called Waregem.  I now stand aside Europe’s major motorway E17 between Ghent and Kortrijk. Daily, I feel at least 400.000 eyes looking at me.

In the beginning, I remember, I was wearing a short to cover my nether regions, but only 4 days later, during the night, my pants got stolen ! !




Cycloop is zijn slip kwijt

Since that moment, I regularly stand naked. And sometimes I get another outfit.

The local youth adores me and my presence. Some are calling me now the one-eyed dickman or the bare giant.

I laugh when I notice that only 25% of all female passants know that I only have one eye.

But please feel assured, with only one eye, I am capable of seeing much more than anybody else, even with 3 glasses on their nose !



“Every morning I am awakening very displeased”


I see that almost everybody is running their old same rat race. Every day, the people look more worried and insecure.

I cannot hide it anymore. I am now awakening every morning with a sour feeling.


“What happened to your Flemish fighting spirit of past eras ?


What caused commitment and dedication to be replaced by impotence, lack of respect for your own beauty of nature and your people. What caused indifference and fear?

We all know that ‘fear’ is a negative energy, it has no direction. But Flanders needs ‘direction’ if it wants to take the lead again in Europe, in the world.

I tell you that the good democratic system of the past is slowly running empty and the taps of demotivation and knowledge poverty are fully open. 

Politicians, socially engaged corporate leaders, citizens … Nobody can yet pinpoint from where or from when, still today, the grip of the financial crisis remains firm”.


Ho ho ho, My day can’t go wrong if I can daily change at least one sour face into one gorgeous smile”.


Het is ijskoud. Ook voor de bekende reus langs de E17 in Waregem.

Geplaatst door Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen op Dinsdag 3 januari 2017