An eye for aesthetics and economy

An eye for aesthetics and economy

Hi, my name is Hervé Missiaen. I am the visionary artist and initiator of that particular idea for creating an ‘exportable’ Flemish Model State by the multidisciplanary cooperation of many experts in their field.

I am coming from a sound economic background with regard to my education. I stood at the head of four companies and I am following the political and economic situation closely. Now I am travelling the world and am capturing the urgent needs of our modern society. I meet  influencers and different cultures and I embrace freedom. I cannot longer close my eyes for the negligent way we all treat our mother nature.

Next to this, I notice that our Flemish people is afraid of the environment, afraid of retirement, afraid of taxes, afraid of the left, afraid of the right, afraid of Europe, afraid of the Walloon, afraid of terror, afraid of privacy, afraid of losing his/her job, afraid of digital, afraid of the Chinese, afraid of the banks, afraid of the rich, afraid of justice, afraid of the official, afraid of politics.  Afraid of everything and everyone…

I am convinced that the on-going crisis in our Flemish minds is constantly holding us back. Flanders is not known anymore as a reference region. It is important to rediscover a new sense of confidence and responsability and install new patterns of education into our youth’s brains.

I invite you to embark upon a short trip into the Land of The Blind, where no guns, fear or bombs are found. Instead of this, one huge Cyclops, 100 Titans, five photographers, one painter and a handfull of mentors are about to divulge their guidelines. Enjoy the journey.