WHY immortalizing 125 BRIGHT MINDS ?

<125BrightMinds> is my own created lifestyle story, where I, Flemish artist, am  buying my own ticket to a healthy 100 years of full living. 

Yes, I start from a virgin white canvas today. It reflects my past experiences.

Looking 42 years ahead, I see a finished painting, full of bright colours and great memories. I see myself walking on the wet sand of Ostend’s beaches, with a walking stick and bended back. I am still waving with one hand to 125 businessowners, who thanks to me came in contact with teachers and experts in exponential learning, who once upon a time, let them break out of their mould. 

Yes, almost half a century ago they were thinking small, their companies did not grow at all. Their entrepreneurial life was chaotically lead without focus. They once thought that working a lot of hours would be their solution, but they were ‘blind’ and prisoners in their own created kingdom.

Oh, and I picture as well a finished book with one forword and one concluding remark, and in the middle …125 pages of genuine testimonials.

One day, all their stories will leave a mark on Flemish soil.


Yes, I am also interested in hearing your actual story of doubt and mediocre thinking. But within some months I wish to hear your new story of trust and self confidence.

Do you want to become a page in my upcoming book ?